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The World Federation of Therapeutic Communities (WFTC) is an international association with the goal of uniting and supporting the broad global Therapeutic Community (TC) movement worldwide (all five continents). WFTC provides sharing, understanding, guidance and cooperation to its members and the broader society.


The goal of the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities (WFTC) is to join together in a worldwide association of sharing, understanding and cooperation within the global TC Movement as well as to widen recognition and acceptance of the Therapeutic Community and the Therapeutic Community approach among health organizations and health delivery systems of international and national bodies.

The WFTC calls for a holistic approach to healing – drawing upon all the disciplines, including medical, psychiatric, and social services, as well as TC trained professional service providers. The WFTC recognizes the importance of adapting the TC model to the respective cultures of programs in countries worldwide.


Relate, as the international voice for the Therapeutic Community movement to other segments of the worldwide treatment, prevention, enforcement and research areas

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Voice for the 
Therapeutic Community 

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Establish an
international repository

Create an international repository and distribution center for worldwide Therapeutic Community data and information.

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Articulate definitions and standards of practice for the international Therapeutic Community Movement

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Credit Assessment

Secure Funding

Secure funding for the WFTC and its efforts in training and research from government, corporate and foundation sources

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Coordinate training
teams & programs

Coordinate training teams and programs in assisting treatment colleagues to establish and enhance viable Therapeutic Communities.

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Business Conference

Build bridges with other professionals

Build bridges with other professional disciplines (psychiatry, psychology, sociology, management, etc.) for the purpose of developing mutual understanding and partnership in health delivery.

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Liaison with world governments

Establish official liaison with international governmental as well as professional and private bodies.

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Establish and maintain headquarters

Establish and maintain a Secretariat/Headquarters for implementation of the foregoing goals;

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Sponsor World

Sponsor the World Conferences of Therapeutic Communities.

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