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Group therapy
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Regional Federation

International TC Associations representing clusters of countries from a continent or geographic region.


Payment of $500 (Dues for one year).

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Payment of $50 U.S. (Dues for one year). Privileges include newsletter, updates & information.

Individual Membership

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Classification as a drug-free, self-help program.

Payment of $100 U.S. (Dues for one year).

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Board Membership

20 (minimum) members, drug-free, self-help program. Dues per year based on Program Annual Budget: 

Under $500,000 US = $500 US
Over $500,000 US = $750 US
Over $1,000,000 US = $1,000 US
Over $5,000,000 US = $2,000 US
Over $10,000,000 US = $3,000 US

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National Association

Associations representing clusters of Therapeutic Communities across a distinct country.

Payment of $150 U.S. (Dues for one year).

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Therapeutic Communities represent a design of treatment which is directed primarily towards recovery from substance abuse through personal growth and which requires abstinence from mood-altering substances, including prescription drugs used illegally.


The members of the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities are required to:

(a) Recognize the human and civil rights of all persons associated with their therapeutic community and clearly state the rights, privileges and responsibilities of clients and staff.

(b) Vest in each individual within the Therapeutic Community the right to be free from the threat of the negative use of power by any individual or group.

(c) Develop a statement on the philosophy and goals of the program.

(d) Adopt regulations for their Therapeutic Community which afford protection from apparent or actual abrogation of local and national laws.

(e) Function within environments which provide maximum opportunity for physical, spiritual, emotional and aesthetic development and which will ensure the safety of everyone.

(f) Facilitate the structure of a society/community based on the optimal use of the integrity, good will and humanity of all its members in which the dignity of persons is a priority value.

(g) Train and provide adequate supervision for staff.

(h) Be accountable to an external Executive or Community Board with meetings predetermined and at regular intervals during the year for the purpose of maintaining supervision and responsibility for the activities of the program and each facility.

(i) Produce an annual audited financial report, authorized by the member’s Executive or Community Board.


The Board of the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities will require adherence to the Standards and Goals when considering applications and renewals of membership and will also require active compliance with the criteria established by the World Federation’s By-Laws under the “Definition” Article lll and the “Membership” Article Vl (with particular reference to paragraphs A1, A2, B1, B2 and C3).

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